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Text and MMS Message Marketing Service

Reach out to people with text and MMS messages. Skipper Inc provides you a easy and flexible solution at your fingertip

Call Marketing Service

Establish your personal voice to millions using our trusted marketting solution - An easy solution to have phone marketing. Establish your organization with your own phone service.

Email Marketing Service

One stop shop for all infrastructure for your email marketing. Safe, Secure, Simple and Elegant.

Product and Services

Customized Group Phone Numbers
Instant access to local, national, mobile, and toll-free phone numbers in more than 50 countries.
Automated Marketing Call Generator
Utilize the automated call feature to send automated voice messages or calls to global customers on a single click.
Automated Text and MMS Message Generator
Send news, promotions, surveys, or customised voice messages via SMS, MMS and push notifications.
Communications unlimited
With our easy to Use UI , now anyone can send SMS,MMS,voice and text messages to global customers on the go.

Customized Group phone numbers

Create your own telephone network, with unlimited phone numbers - local or global. Keep adding numbers or delete any number anytime. Surprise yourself with this simple, easy and ultraflexible voice solution.

Automated Marketing Call Generator

Expand your reach with Automated Call Generator. Your chose how to reach - type a text that converts to voice or send your recorded voice. Chose to get connected instantly for response.

Automatic Text Message and MMS Generator

Messaging is made easy with Automated Message Service. Reach the audience with your text or MMS messages. Control the content, context, customer and timing...Simple and easy.

Communications Unlimited

Integrate Voice Calls, Text Messages, MMS Messages and Email services. Initiate Voice, Message, Emails when a Call, Message, Email is received.

E-mail marketing solutions

Everything you need in an email marketing service without needing to pay for the things you don't. Skipper inc provides a quick and simple solution for your email marketing needs, all within a trusted delivery infrastructure.

Customized Communication solutions

Skipper inc provides customized solutions like automated messaging,voice,video and notifications. We enable customer to make voice and video calls around the globe and design workflows with programmatic call control. SMS, MMS, and chat messages are also provided with ensured deliverability using intelligent delivery features.

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